GBE-Global Business Engine

GBE (Global Business Engine) was founded in 2011, headquartered in Shanghai. GBE has been developing diversified business information services such as business forum, investment consultation and topic research in the core area of real estate and architecture in Asia Pacific area, and has grown into one of the most leading building information service providers in China.

GBE is closely related to the government at all levels in China, the large-scale real estate development and operation institutions, the international front-line architectural design institutions and the national key scientific research institutes. GBE's grand forum, including commercial complexes, boutique residences, high-end hotels and medical facilities, is attracting thousands of professional participants. It also stimulates and promotes a lot of potential business investment and trading opportunities.

GBE set up "GBE Think Tank" in 2014. Now it has become the wisdom link of well-known experts in every field. It provides interdisciplinary resource oriented consultation and communication platform for different professional subjects. GBE launched "Jianda APP" in 2018 to better serve China's real estate construction industry by mobile interconnection.

GBE(Global Business Engine)创立于2011年,总部位于上海,面向亚太地区开展以地产和建筑为核心领域的商务论坛、投资咨询、专题研究等多元化的信息服务,目前已经成长为中国最具领先优势的建筑信息服务商之一。

GBE与中国各级政府、大型地产开发及运营机构、国际一线建筑设计机构、国家重点科研院所保持着密切的关系。每年由GBE组织举办的商业综合体、精品住宅、高端酒店、医养设施等大型高峰论坛系列,作为前沿技术和知识传播的重要载体,以及顶级专家碰撞思维火花的重要行业事件,正在吸引着数以千记的业界人士积极参与,也激发和促进了大量潜在的商务投资和交易机会。GBE于2014年组建“GBE Think Tank”,目前已成为行业内各个细分领域知名专家的智慧纽带,针对不同的专业课题提供跨学科资源的定向咨询和交流平台。GBE于2018年推出“建答APP”,以移动互联的方式更好的服务于中国地产建筑行业。


We believe great work comes from understanding how your customers feel and behave. Our work is built upon our 'GBE Thinking' approach, where we walk in your customers' shoes and immerse ourselves in their world to discover what makes them business.